“Vaccination Record System for Students” for Campus Entry

Further to the announcement on 23 May 2022, the VTC has developed a “Vaccination Record System for Students” (VRSS) ( to facilitate students under the “Vaccine Pass” arrangement, i.e. all full-time and part-time students of THEi, SHAPE, IVE, HKDI, HTI, CCI, ICI, MSTI and SBI, to gain access to campuses. 


Students covered by “Vaccine Pass” are required to upload their vaccination records and/or required documents, e.g. infection proof, to the VRSS following the below implementation schedule.  Access right to the VTC’s campuses will be synchronized to student smartcards after verification, and students can then use smartcards to meet the “Vaccine Pass” requirement for campus entry.


Students Covered by “Vaccine Pass”


Academic Years (AY)


Upload Vaccination Records to VRSS

Use VRSS via Student

Smartcards for Campus Entry


Part-time Day (PTD), and


Evening (PTE) programmes

2021/22 (this AY)

Year 1 or above in AY2021/22 progressing to study in AY2022/23


e.g. Degree Year 1 – 3, HD Year 1


(not applicable to graduating students in AY2021/22)

  For Full-time,

PTD and PTE Students

8 June –

7 July 2022

From 18 July 2022


(next AY)

New students registered in AY2022/23


e.g. DFS/ DVE/ DVB/ DYJ graduates articulated to HD programmes in AY2022/23

For Full-time Students

18 July –

15 August 2022

From 1 September 2022

For PTD and PTE Students

15 August 2022 –

5 September 2022

From 13 September 2022

The VTC will continue to closely monitor the epidemic development as well as the Government’s latest measures and inform students of the updated arrangements in due course.  


Please keep checking your email and MyPortal “COVID-19 Corner” for the latest updates.  We again strongly urge all eligible students to receive the required dose of vaccine timely for enhanced protection.


For details and enquiries:

  • VTC “Vaccine Pass”

- FAQs: please click here

- Please contact Campus/Institute Secretariat

  • VTC “Vaccination Record System for Students” (VRSS)

- Website:

  • Government COVID -19 Vaccination Programme

- Website:

- Hotline: 3142 2366

  • Government COVID-19 Electronic Vaccination and Testing Record System

- Website:

  • “LeaveHomeSafe”

- Website:


Headquarters (Academic Services)

DILWL Green Workshop

DILWL Green Workshop

DILWL Smart and Green Campus Teams x Department of Architecture, Interior and Product Design 


Join Us! FREE Green Workshops for you!


Workshop 1: Experiential Tour 

Let’s walk around our campus to identify some interesting plants around you. 

Date: 10 November 2021

Time: 12:30-13:30

Number of Seats: 15

Venue: LW111

*Please bring your camera to capture and share the beautiful photos


Workshop 2: Indoor Plants Workshop

How to take care of the indoor plants? Hands-on and make your hands dirty. Mix and match, DIY your miniature garden.

Date: 17 November 2021

Time: 12:30-13:30

Number of Seats: 15

Venue: LW217

*Bring a plastic bottle or small glass container


Workshop 3: Urban Farming Workshop

Let’s become a one hour Farmer, Start to grow yours!

Date: 26 November 2021

Time: 12:30-13:30

Number of Seats: 15

Venue: DILWL, 2nd Floor Garden

*Keep a planting dairy and share your harvest


Workshop 4: Eco Roof Workshop

What is an Eco Roof? Latest development and case study from local and overseas.

Time to explore and brainstorm the possibilities for our campus.

Date: 8 December 2021

Time: 12:30-13:30

Number of Seats: 15

Venue: A806a



Enrol NOW.

Enjoy Green Campus Life.

Earn ONE activity hour.


Enquires: 3928-2805 (Ms. Vicky Lee)


Registration as below links


Timetable of GE Elective Modules for Semester One, AY 2021/22

Timetable of GE Elective Modules for Semester One, AY 2021/22