Subject: VTC - Office 365 for Student

During April to September 2016, a brand new experience in using VTC email will be introduced to you by phases. VTC is going to launch a new email platform for you, running on Office 365 cloud platform, with the following enhanced features:

  • 50GB mailbox
  • Enjoy a fully installed Office function and feature.
  • Each student can install Office 365 on 5 PCs / Macs, 5 tablets (Windows, iPad, and Android), and 5 smart phones.
  • 1TB online storage – OneDrive to store and share homework, project materials from all your devices

This new platform enhances better learning and communication experience, which goes within and beyond campuses. Do share and work with anyone in your study and life!
Your CNA and settings (e.g. email forwarding rules) will be upgraded to Microsoft Office 365 by phases. You will receive an individual notification email before the upgrade.
For detailed services provided by Office365, you may refer to following website:

Should you have any enquiries, you are welcome to contact our helpdesk service at or your local Campus IT Services Support.

ICI Tuition Fee Payment Advice (2nd Installment of AY2017/18) and Semester Transcript Available

Dear Students of IC114200,


The following documents will be released through the Document Download area of MyPortal.  Please visit the website on the date and time specified below to download your own copies.



Documents Available from MyPortal

Release Schedule


Tuition Fee Payment Advice (for the 2nd installment of AY 2017/18)

(Payment Due Date: 2 Jan 2018)

19 Dec 2017


(Applicable to all students)

Semester Transcript of the 1st Semester of the AY2017/18

12 Feb 2018


(Only applicable to graduates)

Graduation Transcript

12 Feb 2018


(Applicable to NHD, FD(L3) and DVE Programmes)

Please note that failure to pay in full the required amount of fees (including installment fee, restudy fee, optional module fee, English Benchmarking fee, etc.) by the payment due date will result in deregistration from ALL restudy / additional modules or from the programme concerned.  To reinstate the registration status for the programme, or for any of the restudy / additional modules arranged for this / coming semester, the student will be charged an administration fee of $400 per application.  If students wish to drop any restudy / additional modules, they should inform their department well in writing before the payment due date to adjust the payable amount.


Institute Secretariat

International Culinary Institute

Wu JiehYee Bursary 2017/18

Wu Jieh Yee Bursary 2017/18

The Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation set up the “Wu Jieh Yee Bursary” for needy full-time Higher Diploma students in VTC.  The bursary scheme is intended to alleviate student’s financial hardship without depriving their learning opportunities. Assessment of the bursary application will consider applicants’ family financial circumstances and reasons for applying the Bursary.  Applicants are required to submit application form with supporting evidence. Preference will be given to applicants of continued financial hardship and scarce family resources.


Application Procedures

Application forms are obtainable in the Campus Secretariat of his/her campus. The student could submit application direct to the Student Development Office (SDO), or could be referred by teaching staff to the SDO, on or before 26th January 2018.  Assessment, in the form of interview, home visit or both, would be conducted by the SDO based upon applicant’s situation.