Simatelex Charitable Foundation Scholarship 2022/23

Simatelex Charitable Foundation Scholarship is first established in 2022 to encourage and motivate outstanding higher diploma students of mechanical, electronic and robotics engineering programmes to strive for a career in the targeted industries.



  • Each scholarship amounts to HK$40,000;
  • THREE scholarships in total, one each for the following full-time higher diploma programmes in Engineering Discipline:
    (a) Computer and Electronic Engineering; or
    (b) Mechanical Engineering; or
    (c) Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Engineering



Applicant must be:

  • a current Year 2 student of the above full-time programme; and
  • supported and recommended by the respective Head of Department.


Selection Criteria

  • Academic Attainments;
  • Personal Attainments & Non-academic Achievements in trade-related areas;
  • Learning Attitude; and
  • Career Aspiration.

Please refer to ‘Notes for Applicants’ for details of selection criteria.


Application Procedures & Deadline

Please submit a completed application form with supporting documents to the respective teaching departments by 14 April 2023 (Friday).

[For Diploma & Certificate] HTI/CCI/ICI 2022/23 Full-time and Part-time Diploma and Certificate Programmes Student Handbook

Dear Students of Diploma and Certificate Programmes,

Please read the attached Student Handbook 2022/23 for Diploma and Certificate Full-time and Part-time Programmes. 

[For Higher Diploma Programmes] International Culinary Institute Student Handbook 2022/23 for Higher Diploma Programmes

Dear Students of Higher Diploma Programmes

Please read the attached Student Handbook 2022/23 for Higher Diploma Programmes.