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  • THEi End-of-Semester Examination Timetable of Semester One 2014/15 (Updated on 28 Nov 2014)

    Dear Students


    Please be informed that the End-of-Semester Examinations of Semester One 2014/15 are scheduled for the period of 15 December to 20 December 2014 inclusive, with 22 December 2014 as the contingency examination date.



    Examination Timetable


    If your Module Convenors and Lecturers have scheduled any End-of-Semester Examination for you, you can now access to your individual examination timetable via MyPortal under the icon “Timetable”. Please further click “Examination Timetable” then.


     {Updates on 28 November 2014}

    Subsequent to the release of the examination timetable on 14 November 2014, amendment to the examination date of SEV5341 Environmental Fluid Mechanics has been received from the Faculty of Science and Technology.


    The updated master examination schedule is attached below for your information.


    Kindly note that students should be outside the examination venue at least 15 minutes before the start but will not be allowed to enter the venue until instructed by the invigilators.


    Your Lecturers will inform you separately about the arrangements for assessments other than the End-of-Semester Examination, if any.



    Examination Regulations


    Please be reminded to observe the Institute’s Examination Regulations, as enclosed.



    Approved List of Calculators


    If the use of calculator is allowed during the examination(s), please be reminded to use only the approved models as listed in the attached Approved List of Calculators.



    Precautionary Measures Against Influenza Pandemic


    To prevent the spread and infection of influenza, you are advised to observe the following measures during examination period.

    1. You are advised to check your body temperature before leaving home for examination.
    2. You should wear surgical mask inside the examination venue if you have any respiratory symptoms, e.g. coughing, sneezing.
    3. If you are suffering from fever (with a body temperature higher than 38ºC), you should not attend the examination, and should consult a doctor promptly.
    4. You will be required by the Invigilator to remove your surgical masks during attendance check in order to verify your identity.

    Surgical masks and alcohol hand rub are available at the examination venues. Following the usual practice, students who are absent from an examination due to illness have to submit an application for deferred examinations (Form THEi-008, available at MyPortal under the icon “News). The application, accompanied by appropriate documentary evidence such as a medical certificate, should be submitted to the Registry within 3 working days from the respective date of the examination.



    Arrangements during Adverse Weather Conditions


    Please refer to your Student Handbook or the THEi website ( for the Arrangements during Adverse Weather Conditions.


    Kindly note that announcements made by the Education Bureau and the VTC are NOT APPLICABLE to the Institute.




    Thank you for your attention. We wish you success in the examinations and assessments.


    Best regards

    Registry, THEi

  • AY 2014/15 Autumn Semester Supplementary Examination Time-table for Part-time Courses (OHD)
    The evening on 17 April 2015 are being reserved for contingency cases such as making up cancelled examinations and the examination timetables will be posted up outside the canteen.
  • Application for AY 2015/16 SHAPE Top-up Degree Programmes is now open

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